As a team of diverse and highly skilled design junkies, Wizardry is our Hogwarts. When we are not designing we are learning and when we are not learning we are teaching. The team is a curious bunch. So don’t be surprised if you find us huddled over a tiny biryani box that just arrived. Chances are that we are pulling it apart to find out how it was done and what more can be done. In our hearts we are designers aspiring to be creators.


We believe in


Ownership of business goal

Responsible designing


Uncompromising approach

Deep desire to deliver the best


Persistence in trying

Insistence of a better solution



  • We partnered with Wizardry designs to design the aesthetic and appearance aspects of our ANALOGAN loudspeakers. They understood the technical strength and world class acoustic design approach of the product in great depth and delivered stunning enclosure designs for the product complimenting the core designs. They were fully involved and even delivered in areas like the structural stability of the product which was beyond the decided scope of work. They took complete ownership and worked on every single aspect of the product delivering value, beyond the commercial terms of the contract . An absolutely empathetic partner to work with world class skill sets and standards.

    Palani Loganathan
    Audioplanet, Bangalore
  • Srini is truly a Design wizard. We have worked with Srini in more than 3 big IOT projects. His attention to details and the domain knowledge he brings into the project is in-valuable. Also, it is important to mention the extra mile he goes to help us in other related work as well. The best part about working with Srini is the way he engages you. There is always a stream of knowledge fed to you in every step of the work Srini does. He takes the extra effort to make you understand every component of the work that is being done. All-in-all you develop a lifelong friendship with Srini as the project ends – only making you await the days to work with him again!

    Kaviraj Kaliamoorthy
    Proven Logic
  • We have been working with Srini of Wizardry Designs for the last 3 years. He is a fantastic designer, not limiting his designs only to aesthetic appeal but extending it to functionality and  a good user experience. His concepts are practical, yet unique. His definition of project closure is when a final prototype has been successfully delivered and an everlasting relationship has been built with a client. It has been a great journey associating with him for development  of concepts and products.

    Ajaay Srinivas
    The Nuance Studio, Bangalore
  • Wizardry Designs is one of its kind of design studio where startups get brilliant design work at a reasonable cost. Their design thinking helped us to create our unique proposition.  I learned a lot about my business, how design evolves and had fun working with them. The best part about working with these guys is that they provide lots of product/business related inputs. The team is extremely smart and hard working. I recommend Wizardy to all product entrepreneurs.

    Kunal Kant Sen
    My Saugat Gifts
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Srini on multiple projects for the past 5 years.  Srini is a gifted designer with a great blend of engineering mind and creativity. He has never failed to impress us with his designs, and he stays truly committed to the project until the very end.  I wholeheartedly endorse Srini for those who are looking for a truly world class designer!

    Ghuru Kumaravelu
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